STP Online

Supervisory Training Program

STP Online 3.0

A blended learning experience for all levels of management--without leaving your company site.

  • Supervisory/management skills -- or lack of it -- directly affects the company's bottom line.
  • STP is a construction specific training curriculum developed, updated, field-tested, and taught by construction professionals.
  • Three courses offered per winter season over a 2-year time with a certificate from AGC of America upon successful completion of all.
  • Each course is free-standing and can be taken in any order.
  • Online blended learning format means devoting 4 hours per week to reading and online coursework, plus 60-minute live video conference class at 3:30pm once a week.
  • Kicking off STP Online 3.0 in January 2019
  • Line-up of courses in STP Program:
    - Risk Management and Problem Solving, January 2019
    - Productivity Improvement and Managing Cost, February 2019
    - Planning and Scheduling, March 2019
    - Contract Documents, Winter 2020
    - Communication, Winter 2020
    - Leadership and Motivation, Winter 2020

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