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Awards Program

Quality People Awards


**NEW**Tradesperson Award—honors an individual who not only knows their tradecraft but is keen to develop it further, who shows a commitment to their career and to the industry. This individual is currently working in the field and has five or more years of experience.

Groundbreaker Award—recognizes an individual with five or less years of experience (full-time employment) in construction that has taken great risks to break new ground—someone that has demonstrated innovation, is a trendsetter and has exhibited potential for growth.

Mentor Award—recognizes manager/supervisor that supports the professional growth of one or many employees and inspires each to reach their full potential.

Innovator Award—honors an exemplary professional that contributes innovation, creativity, skills, responsibility and integrity to the project consistently. This individual is a good role model and promoter of construction careers in the future workforce.

Community Supporter Award—recognizes and honors an individual that outside of his/her work responsibilities uses their construction skills and/or leadership talents to support, promote or move the industry forward.

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