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Submission Guidelines

Awards Program

Build Nebraska Awards

Submission Guidelines and Tips

The Nebraska Building Chapter wants your firm to put your best project to the test. Below, we have some tips that may help you create your Build Nebraska Award submission. Build Nebraska Award entries are judged by the nine criteria listed in previous sections and the completeness of the entry form. Please ensure you answer ALL nine sections.

The judging criteria mirror AGC of America’s Build America Awards. The highest score a project can receive is 100 points. Please see below for details.

1. Project Description: Begin the written part of your entry with one page summarizing why the project should receive a Build Nebraska Award and the key points that make your project truly unique. (10 possible points—BNA Judges place particular emphasis on this section)

2. Narrative: Submit several paragraphs that succinctly describe how your project meets each of the following criteria. Use the criteria as a heading for each section of your narrative.

  • Meeting the challenge of a difficult job: What were some of the challenges your team had to overcome? (10 possible points)
  • Excellence in the project management: How did you manage the project team? Was partnering utilized, value engineering proposals developed, etc?
    (5 possible points)
  • Contractor’s state-of-the-art advancement: Was any new innovative technology employed on the project? (5 possible points)
  • Contractor’s sensitivity to environment and surroundings: Were there community concerns surrounding environmental impact? If so, how were they overcome? What environmental precautions were taken? (5 possible points)
  • Excellence in client service: How did you meet or exceed your customer’s expectations? (Specialty Contractors: Excellence in service to prime contractor: How did you meet or exceed the prime contractor’s expectations?) (10 possible points)
  • Contractor’s contribution to the community: How did your company get involved in the local community or with community service during this project? Did the project receive positive media exposure? (5 possible points)

3. Complete all the information requested on the Entry Form. Be certain that the completion date for your project is in the appropriate year. For example, projects submitted for 2024 Build Nebraska Awards must have been completed in 2022, 2023, or 2024.

4. All entries must be delivered by the September 26, 2024, deadline. All entries must be submitted in an electronic format on a CD or jump drive. All information should be complied and saved in a .pdf format. Each CD or jump drive should be labeled with the company name and entry category. Submissions should be delivered or mailed to:

Nebraska Building Chapter AGC
301 South 13th Street Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508

5. Your submission MUST include a separate file of your photos—a minimum of six and a maximum of 14 color pictures in .jpg format 300 dpi. These pictures will be featured in a multi-media presentation during the Build Nebraska Awards Program. Photos should highlight the construction process, as well as the finished project.

Photos of special techniques or unique conditions that make the project outstanding are most helpful.

6. Other items that may be included with the entry: press clippings about the project, letter of commendation, programs from special events related to the project (ground breakings, ribbon cuttings, etc.), short videos of the project, or other related material.

7. The judges look for complete information as outlined above in this material. They will also be looking at your presentation of the information.

8. Make sure that your entry meets the general requirements outlined on Categories and Rules page.

9. Make sure the Nebraska Building Chapter receives your entry by the September 26, 2024, deadline.