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Nebraska Building Chapter's staff works on your behalf on industry issues at the State and Local level.

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Legislative Update 4-3-2023

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2023 Legislative Bills of Interest

February 27, 2023
Last week the Legislature continued morning debate of bills and afternoon committee hearings. There are 62 bills on general file awaiting first-round consideration and 23 bills on select file ready for second-round debate; most legislation remains in committee. A committee may hold an executive session and vote to advance or kill a bill any time after its hearing.

The Health and Human Services Committee voted to advance two controversial bills on Wednesday. After the votes, Senator Machaela Cavanaugh of Omaha pledged to “burn the session” through long debate. She began filibustering bills on Thursday morning, halting consideration. Speaker Arch has announced he will follow the previous guidelines of ruling that “full and fair debate” has occurred after 8 hours of debate on general file, 4 hours of debate on select file, and 2 hours of debate on final reading. That means one bill could potentially be subjected to 14 hours of filibuster before being passed by the Legislature.

The AGC Nebraska Building Chapter’s legislative bills of interest is available here, and Senators and contact information.

EPIC Consumption Tax (Oppose)
AGC Nebraska Building Chapter is part of a coalition opposed to the following EPIC consumption tax measures. Hearings are scheduled before the Revenue Committee, March 3, 2023.

LB79 - Adopt the Nebraska EPIC Option Consumption
LR6CA - Constitutional amendment to prohibit governmental entities from imposing any taxes other than retail consumption taxes and excise taxes
LR7CA - Constitutional amendment to require the state to impose a consumption tax or an excise tax on all new goods and services and to provide a tax exemption for grocery items

The official website of the Nebraska Legislature is You can watch the legislature and committees live via Nebraska Public Media

If you have questions or comments, please let Sheila know, 402-430-5167 or

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