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BIM Education Program Courses


BIM Education Program

BIM Education Program

AGC's BIM Education Program--developed in conjunction with leading BIM practitioners, technology firms and educators--is designed to prepare construction professionals at all levels to successfully implement BIM on a construction project and within a firm. The highly interactive program provides 30+ hours of instruction and training. Here are the classes offered:

Unit 1: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling

Unit 2: BIM Technology

Unit 3: BIM Project Execution Planning

Unit 4: BIM Adoption, Implementation, and ROI

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Together, these courses give participants an unmatched view of the overall BIM process and how it is relevant to their work. The goal of the BIM Education Program is to train individuals how to become BIM Champions within their organizations. Also, completion of the BIM-EP series meets the requirement to apply and sit for the Certificate of Management (CM-BIM). Click here for more information.

Click here for information regarding AGC of America EDGE Virtual Education BIM Education Program.