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Criteria Requirements

Awards Program

Build Nebraska Awards

Criteria Requirements

Entries Must Include the Following Criteria: (100 points)

1. Overall Presentation and Appearance of Entry – 10 points
a. Company name and entry category must be displayed on the cover of the CD or jump drive.
b. All information will be submitted as a .pdf file. Each photo should also be saved, in a separate folder, as an individual .jpg file.
c. The completed Entry Form is included in the .pdf file.
d. Each section must be labeled with a cover page.
e. No more than 20 pages. Not including cover pages or photo pages.

2. Project Description – 10 points
a. Provide a detailed description of your project’s scope (up to one page).
b. Include:

i. Type of construction
ii. Size of project
iii. Contract value
iv. Project duration – start date, completion date
v. Percent of project that was self-performed
vi. Management team

c. Provide key points on why this project was unique.

3. Narrative – 40 points
A project narrative explaining how the entry meets each of the following criteria: (Use two or three paragraphs for each point)
a. Meeting the challenge of a difficult job
b. Excellence in project management
c. Contractor’s state-of-the-art advances
d. Contractor’s sensitivity to environment and surroundings
e. Excellence in client service (Specialty Contractors: Excellence in service to prime contractor)
f. Contractor’s contribution to the community

4. A minimum of six color pictures and a maximum of eight color pictures -
.jpg format - 300 dpi – 5 points
Entries will be featured in a media presentation. Entries may also include media coverage, letters of commendation and other supplementary material.

5. Presentation Narrative – Provide the highlights of the project that will be used in the awards presentation and post-award media announcement (150 words). This narrative should include two or three of the special aspects of the project.

6. Safety Section – 15 points
Safety initiatives applied throughout the construction process. Please fill out the Safety Form included in this application and place this as the first page behind the Safety tab.

7. References – 10 points
Please include a Letter of Recommendation from the project owner (Specialty Contractors: from the prime contractor) or a letter from the design team.

8. Project Support Team – 10 points
List all subcontractors, suppliers and associates who contributed to the project, especially those that are AGC members.

9. Supplemental Material
Provide any additional material you feel is important to the project, i.e. short videos, press releases, graphics, pictures, etc. Limit five pages--it does count in the total allowed pages.