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STP Online

STP Online

Supervisory Training Program

Testimonials for STP Classes--

  • Consistency of one weekly class was good for two reasons: The workload wasn’t too overwhelming that we had to choose either to get our job done or do the coursework. It was easy to remember that you had classing coming up on Wednesday rather than if it were every other week. Each of us had experience, to varying degrees and in different areas.
  • Very informative, especially listening to some of the other class participants and their experiences.
  • This class can teach you a lot and provide good resources for your future as a construction supervisor as long as you are ready to take the class and put in the effort that it takes to improve yourself.
  • Construction is not learned at college even though the classes provide student with certain knowledge that can be applied. I feel that STP is most beneficial to people that need to improve the supervisory skills they already have. The blended format allows you to learn from other professionals as well as an instructor with field experience.

STP Online 3.0

A blended learning experience for all levels of management--without leaving your company site.

  • Supervisory/management skills -- or lack of it -- directly affects the company's bottom line.
  • STP is a construction specific training curriculum developed, updated, field-tested, and taught by construction professionals.
  • Three courses offered per winter season over a 2-year time with a certificate from AGC of America upon successful completion of all.
  • Each course is free-standing and can be taken in any order.
  • Online blended learning format means devoting 4 hours per week to reading, listening to podcast, and online coursework, plus 60-minute live video conference class at 3:30pm once a week.
  • STP Online 3.0 is offered January to March--open to all or by contract for individual companies.
  • Line-up of courses in STP Program:
    - Leadership and Motivation, 2026
    - Communication, 2026
    - Contract Documents, 2026
    - Risk Management and Problem Solving, 2025
    - Improving Productivity and Managing Project Cost, 2025
    - Planning and Scheduling, 2025

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Registration for 2025 classes will be available fall of 2024.

STP Instructors