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Contract Documents

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Contract Documents

Unit #4 STP v 3.0

Contract documents and construction law course covers four central themes that are integrated and emphasized throughout the course and through activities used to demonstrate and practice skills. The themes include the construction professional’s roles and responsibilities of the contracting parties; an understanding of how documents help to solve problems and resolve issues; provide a framework for jobsite processes and how to maintain a productive and positive relationship with all stakeholders in the project.

Specific topics of Contract Documents:

  • Understand and reinforce the rights and responsibilities of construction personnel in various situations
  • Use contract information to identify required performance of others
  • Use contractual and legal information to assist in resolving conflicts
  • Establish a fair and constructive work environment for all parties
  • Provide critical information about contract documents and construction law to recognize various roles and responsibilities
  • Develop an understanding of how documents can help solve problems, resolve issues and remedy conflicts
  • Develop jobsite processes that are consistent with documents and construction law to maintain positive relationships between contractors, architects, engineers and owners
  • Using documents to create a productive, respectful environment on your jobsite