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Safety Meeting Outlines

Safety Meeting Outlines

Safety Meeting Outlines

The Nebraska Building Chapter’s SAFETY & HEALTH COMMITTEE is always on the lookout for great safety awareness and training products and service to bring to the membership. Thanks to their efforts we have a great product to help you prepare and present weekly Tool Box Talks.

The Chapter is partnering with Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc. to bring you an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION to provide you 52 “ready to deliver” safety toolbox talks. Click here for more information. For an annual member cost of $125.00 ($175.00 off the retail rate) you will receive the following:

  • Prior to start of each month, you will receive a cover email with general safety information for the month. The cover email will include a separate timely construction related toolbox safety talk sheet for each week during that month for you to deliver to your employees for review and discussion at each toolbox time.
  • The weekly handouts will be personalized with your company name.
  • There is space on each handout for you to add customized comments or reminders.
  • There is space for documenting meeting date and time.
  • All weekly handouts are available in Spanish, in addition to English.
  • If you want to supplement the topic of week or customize to a particular issue you will have access to the completely renovated Safety Meeting Outlines’ Online Library.
  • Option of distributing electronically, printed copies, or stream audio of the meetings.
  • The Chapter will invoice you when you subscribe.

Access to Quizzes and Answers--The Quizzes improve learning and retention, and they go beyond attendance signatures to demonstrate that the employees have learned and retained information from the Weekly Safety Meeting. There is a Quiz Guide to help you get the most from the Quizzes.

Click here for a sample of the Toolbox Talks.

Click here for the subscription form.