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Risk Management and Problem Solving

STP Online

Risk Management and Problem Solving

Unit #6 STP v 3.0

This course will help construction professionals identify problems and how they occur and learn effective problem-solving techniques. Participants will learn how to use the decision making process and acquire skills that will enable them to immediately function more effectively. The role and responsibility that construction personnel assume for accident prevention and loss control will be used as the setting and context of risk management and problem solving process discussion.

Specific topics of Risk Management and Problem Solving:

  • Problems in the construction industry
  • Establishing a problem solving environment
  • Human performance problems
  • The problem identification process
  • The decision making process
  • Labor costs and subcontractors
  • Effective production planning
  • Production process improvement
  • Project-wide application
  • Risk, emergencies and crisis situations
  • Introduction to site safety and health management
  • Safety leadership, motivation and empowerment
  • Planning for site safety
  • Site safety management
  • Site security and protection
  • Multi-employer safety
  • Construction risk management
  • Safety and Human Resources
  • Regulatory procedures, record keeping and documents
  • Using and understanding reference material and advisory resources