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Health & Safety


Health & Safety

GC & SC Panel: Collaboration on Impact of COVID-19

September 9, 2020

Click here for the webinar recording.

Information from Panelists--

Doug Fletcher:
The communication platform that I mentioned is called Slack. My client uses it to establish communication between his crews and their “hosts” for each project, so that project-specific information can be shared.

There is also There is (was) a COVID19 page that provides the most current (OSHA) guidelines and requirements...recordkeeping, reporting, etc.

As for the signage, I don’t have a “source” but there appear to be numerous options:

Tim Timmons:
Covid-19 Symptoms



Chad Westphalen:
Here is our PDF form fillable Fit for Duty. Just an FYI we altered the close contact time frame and this is not the same as the CDC.

Jeremy Langer:
COVID19 Scenario Matrix