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Nebraska Design & Construction Industry Council

Joint Committee meets as needed.

This is a joint committee between AGC-Nebraska Building Chapter, AIA-Nebraska and American Council of Engineering Companies-Nebraska. Each association will have 5-6 voting member representatives on the council. In addition, the CEO of the three associations will be standing members of the council.

Council Goal/Objective
The purpose of the committee is to educate owners/clients on all project delivery methods for construction and other aspects of the industry as needed. In addition, the council will serve as a discussion forum on A-C-E issues and promote the professional image of the design and construction industry in all endeavors.

Functions, Timeline and Responsibilities
The committee meets as needed with in-person meetings in Lincoln.

Committee members will be involved in the development of educational products to promote an understanding of equal/unbiased information about all project delivery methods. This will involved assisting in the development of printed materials, participating on an occasional panel presentation and developing informational resources to be post on the council’s website.

A fair portion of the actual production activities will be done by the association staff, but there will be “hands on” work assignments for volunteers.

The committee will provide a forum for open communication on issues that arise between the A-C-E professions.

Specific taskforce will be formed as needed.

Membership Requirements
The members on the council representing the Nebraska Building Chapter must be employed by a general contractor member firm.