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Prequalification is Here to Stay
by Steven Yapdiangco, Senior Consultant, Textura Corporation

As risk management becomes increasingly ingrained in construction projects, the practice of prequalification is becoming more prevalent, which is creating both challenges and opportunities for Subcontractors. In seeking more proactive ways to mitigate financial exposures and other risks, a growing number of General Contractors are embracing qualification management and are requiring much more information from their Subcontractors prior to awarding work – or even soliciting bids. Read More

Evolution of Estimating
by James Purpura, Textura Corporation

Technology is reshaping the estimating profession, giving rise to new tools that can greatly improve performance and help estimators stay on the cutting edge. Read More

Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity: How to Manage the Cyclical Nature of the Construction Industry

Even as the economic outlook is starting to look a little brighter, nearly all businesses face unprecedented amounts of uncertainty about the future. This anxiety is even more acute in the construction industry, where financing remains tight and investment delays means projects are slowed or cancelled outright. Read More

The Value of Making IT Costs Variable
by Keki Thaci, Textura

As the US economy continues to recover from the 2008 financial panic and ensuing recession, nearly all U.S. businesses face increased uncertainty over their future. Nowhere is uncertainty as acute as in the construction industry where financing remains tight and incentives to delay investment mean that projects continue to be slowed or canceled. While the downsizing of 2010 has abated in most parts of the industry, there is little incentive to invest in new hiring even when backlogs and new business pipelines start to improve. Read More

New Technology Creates Efficiencies; But Don't Overlook Risks
by Jan Sheridan, Vice President Treasury Management Services, Union Bank & Trust

As technology progresses, businesses have several opportunities to create efficiencies in their operations. Unfortunately, criminals are also actively fine tuning their hacking abilities. Don’t be caught ill-informed! Here are some top cyber security trends to be aware of as we enter 2014, as identified by EPCOR’s Inside Origination. Read More

Watch this quick (2.34 min.) overview of the potential of Building Information Modeling. Quick, smart and pretty much sums it up! Thanks to Royce, Dicon Corporation, for posting on LinkedIn.

AGC Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling