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AGC of America's Approach to Health Insurance Headaches

As discussed, AGC of America is working to further increase the value of AGC membership and to do so they are preparing to make a private health insurance exchange available to every AGC member, irrespective of company size. AGC of America is also making a pro-active effort to bring in all chapters “on the ground floor.”

Specifically, the exchange would give member companies an alternative to their traditional approach to health insurance and other benefits – where they commit to paying a certain percentage of the cost of such benefits, and then struggle to meet their commitment, year after year, as premiums continue to increase. One of the real keys to this initiative is the online platform that would, for the first time, make it feasible for each company to offer as many as seven health insurance options, and range of non-medical programs, such as dental and vision care, and life insurance, to each employee. Companies would find their health insurance and other benefits much easier to budget. Companies would find the future cost of providing such benefits much easier to control. And as employees use the online platform to manage their health insurance and other benefits, companies would see the burden on their HR managers go down. At the same time, employees will find that they have the option to get what they really wanted! The AGC Alternative also promises to facilitate compliance with the Affordable Care Act and one of its primary goals is to leverage the nationwide buying power of the association’s members!

So we encourage you to review the attached presentation, start talking to your members, listen to the webinar recording and ASK QUESTIONS! If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit: – and please direct your members to this site!!