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AGCA Alternative-Private Health Exchange Exclusive for AGC Members--Update

AGC of America is pleased to announce that it has selected Aetna to anchor the association’s new private insurance exchange, The AGC Alternative.

Aetna was one of three nationwide health insurance carriers vying for the lead role in AGC’s private exchange. AGC chose Aetna because it has an extensive nationwide network of physicians and health care providers and prior experience with private insurance exchanges. Aetna has also made a significant commitment to innovative health insurance solutions that appear likely to produce savings for member companies and improve health care for their employees.

AGC of America has chosen MetLife to provide most of the other insurance products that the private exchange will feature, including the dental coverage, long and short-term disability, life insurance, and a package of legal services. And AGC of America has chosen EyeMed, the fastest growing managed vision care company in the industry, with 21,000 physical locations across the United States, to provide vision care.

AGC of America is now finalizing its plans to launch the exchange and begin quoting companies during the week of August 4, 2014.

Initially, The AGC Alternative will be available to AGC companies with ten or more employees and to AGC chapters with two or more employees. The association continues to work on options for AGC companies with fewer than ten employees, and in 2015, it expects to have at least one option for AGC companies with as few as two employees, so stay tuned. It remains important to find a way for ALL members to take advantage of this new and exciting initiative.

The AGC Alternative is an EXCLUSIVE benefit of AGC membership, it promises to become a valuable recruitment and retention tool. Click here for more information.