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Health & Safety


Health & Safety

Safe Work Practices

by Ron Pettit, MS, Loss Control Specialist, The Harry A. Koch Co.

Regardless of your job, there are some basic safe work practices that should be observed by everyone working on the job site. The objective of the safety program is to educate people to prevent injuries and allow people to do their job efficiently and safely.

All employees must follow company safe practices and be a part of the program by reporting all unsafe conditions or practices to your supervisor or superintendent. The vast majority of work related injuries are the result of unsafe acts of workers or unsafe conditions in the workplace.

Housekeeping is important to everyone's safety so take time to keep your work area clean. Employees need to know if they see a hazard, correct it. If they can't correct the hazard, they should report it so it can be corrected. Unsafe behavior includes horseplay, scuffling, practical jokes and other acts which tend to have an adverse influence on the safety or well-being of other employees.

It is each employee's responsibility to work and act safely every day on every job. Training is simply making you more aware of safety and it's their job to work safely every day. If someone is taking medication prescribed by a physician or taking over-the-counter medication, be sure the worksite supervisor knows before they begin work. Some medications may impair a person’s ability to work or operate equipment safely. No one should be permitted or required to work while the employee's ability or alertness is so impaired by fatigue, illness or other causes that they might unnecessarily expose themselves or others to injury.

Safety is simply using common sense and good judgment. If something appears to have the potential for injury, then that's the time to take steps to control or eliminate the exposure and make sure an accident doesn't occur.

Teamwork - everyone's cooperation and effort can result in a safe and helpful work environment. If you take safety seriously, you'll have a much better attitude about yourself and your job. Take time for safety. Safety does make a difference.