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Health & Safety


Health & Safety

Getting Your Focus on Safety

by Ron Petitt, Loss Control Specialist, Harry A Koch and Co.

One of the biggest challenges trainers face is a resistance to training from supervisors and managers who are frustrated at taking time away from work to train. Management isn't always convinced that time spent on training is time and money well spent.

In order to prevent accidents and remain competitive in the marketplace, it is vital that your people maintain the best skills and know-how to safely produce the best products and services.

Driven by the ever-intensifying federal regulatory enforcement and public pressure for business to “do no harm to people”, has created a commitment by business of time and resources to safety.

The best safety programs have integrated safety throughout the entire organization into one common vision. Success or failure rests with the management teams, operations personnel and the individuals at the worksite to develop and follow safe work practices that set the tone to keep operations safe, productive and profitable.

The industry is trending towards a younger and less experienced workforce, and as a result, many companies have less understanding of potential risks and hazards. Our current workforce is getting older and a new generation is coming on board with new ideas on how to get things done.

Leadership must communicate across all levels of the organization that safety is a core value and reinforce that every day through their actions the value of safety.

The answer is not to reinvent the wheel, but to focus on effectively maximizing existing tools and creating a culture firmly committed to safety excellence.