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Associate Member Profiles


Associate Member Profiles

Titanium Fire Sprinkler Company

125 Poplar St Ste 3, Springfield, NE
Chief in Charge and Point of First Contact:
Steve Skala,

Describe your business in one sentence . . . . .
A fire sprinkler company that helps our clients benefit from exceptional quality and customer service provided by in-house designers, on-site management, experienced technicians, and 24/7 service.

A great day for our company is when . . . . .
Our customer completes a successful project with the help of our team.

Our company is truly unique because . . . . .
Of the great employees that make us so successful.

A trend I see in our industry in five years is . . . . .
A young work force that will take the extra management help to keep the quality of installation at the standard we all expect.

A 16-year old should look at a career in our specialty because . . . . .
College is not for everyone. You can make a great career in specialty trades with hard work and on the job training. Projects need knowledgeable individuals on site, building the project.