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Associate Member Profiles


Associate Member Profiles

Stephens & Smith Construction Co. Inc.

1542 S 1st St, Lincoln, NE
Chief in Charge:
Steve Willis, CEO,
Point of First Contact: Jereme Montgomery,

Describe your business in one sentence . . . . .
Stephens & Smith Construction is a specialty concrete subcontractor who specializes in concrete flatwork, concrete foundations, decorative concrete, gypcrete, coatings, and more.

A great day for our company is when . . . . .
Everyone goes home safe.

Our company is truly unique because . . . . .
We are an employee owned company.

A trend I see in our industry in five years is . . . . .
Automation, resilient construction, and workforce recruitment/development.

A 16-year old should look at a career in our specialty because . . . . .
There's nothing more rewarding then to be able to look at their community and say, "I helped build that." Being on a concrete crew not only builds a community, but it also builds relationships, camaraderie, and a sense of pride.