Stephens and Smith

Stephens and Smith Construction Co. Inc

1542 S 1st Street Lincoln, NE 68502

Chief in Charge: Steve Willis, CEO
Contact Information: 402-475-8087,

Point of First Contact: Bob Irwin
Contact Information: 402-475-8087,

In a sentence or two, describe your business ……
Stephens and Smith Construction is an employee-owned company focusing primarily in the installation of concrete and related products.

A great day for our company is when ......
all of our crew perform with quality and integrity and arrive home feeling proud of what they accomplished.

Our company is truly unique because ......
we have an owner on every project.

Our company always strives to ......
be professional in our daily operations.

A trend I see in our company down the road five years is ......
technology will play a larger role in our industry and I think you will see a lot of young talented people moving up in their roles at Stephens and Smith.

The best business advice I have ever received is ......
-- Always stay true to yourself.
-- Do unto others as you would have them do to you.