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Associate Member Profiles


Associate Member Profiles

Prairie Mechanical Corporation

2842 Tucker Street, Omaha, NE
Chief in Charge and First Contact:
Brett Lundin,

Describe your business in one sentence . . . . .
We are a full-service mechanical contractor providing installation and maintenance for HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical piping systems.

A great day for our company is when . . . . .
We solve a problem or issue for a customer and our team members get the credit for their hard work!

Our company is truly unique because . . . . .
We are a local company started by two steamfitters from LU 464. Our owners took the knowledge and experience they learned directly from the field to grow our company to what it is today. Their union and industry knowledge helps guide us in everything we do.

A trend I see in our industry in five years is . . . . .
An increased use of technology and a focus on prefabrication across all aspects of construction.

A 16-year old should look at a career in our specialty because . . . . .
There is a huge demand for skilled labor in the mechanical contracting industry. The pay and benefits through the unions are competitive and in many cases exceed some of the career paths that come with high student loan debt and a college degree.