Mahoney Fire Sprinkler Inc

Mahoney Fire Sprinkler, Inc.

Mahoney Fire Sprinkler Inc.

Company Address: 5004 S 110th St, Omaha, NE 68137

Chief in Charge: Bob Mahoney, Chris Mahoney
Contact Information: 402-553-1221

Point of First Contact: Bob Mahoney III
Contact Information: 402-553-1221

In a sentence or two, describe your business:
Full-service family-owner fire sprinkler contractor providing design, installation, service and inspection of all types of fire sprinklers systems, standpipes, fire pumps and back flow devices. Clients include: industrial, educational, commercial, residential, nursing and health care facilities.

A great day for our company is when . . . . .
clients call us with compliments about our sprinkler fitter's work and their great attitude on service and repair work.

Our company is truly unique because . . . . .
our size, experience and flexibility allows us to respond to and manage projects and service work within the clients schedules.

Our company always strives to . . . . .
be flexible, cooperative and find the most affordable system for the clients needs.

A trend I see in our company down the road five years is . . . . .
more residential protection as code requirements change and continuing expansion of service and inspections.

The best business advice I have ever received is . . . . .
our name and service is all that we have and it must be better than our competitors.