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Associate Member Profiles


Associate Member Profiles

General Excavating

6701 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE
Chief in Charge:
Scott Fitzgerald,
Point of First Contact: Randy McDonald,

Describe your business in one sentence . . . . .
General Excavating, Your "Underground" Partner, is an award winning contractor specializing in the construction of underground utilities, hydro excavation, communications, environmental remediation, directional boring, hourly service work, and the sale of construction materials..

A great day for our company is when . . . . .
We are asked in the early stages of project development to assist our trade partners as they bring a team together to help reach a client's construction goal.

Our company is truly unique because . . . . .
Our sustained customer loyalty, as we began our fourth decade, is built on a reputation of providing our clients high quality underground construction solutions on some of the more challenging projects in the area.

A trend I see in our industry in five years is . . . . .
Continued specialization of the work subcontractors do.

A 16-year old should look at a career in our specialty because . . . . .
It is a rapidly changing industry due to influx of technology, complexity of the work, and the continued growth of collaboration on projects.