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Construction Leadership Academy


Construction Leadership Academy

What the Participant will Gain from the Academy

Personal Productivity – the ability to lead yourself, manage your time, priorities and become more focused.

Personal Leadership – to be a leader of your own life. Becoming the total leader – a person who is growing and developing in all areas of a balanced life.

Leadership Communications – the ability to save time, dollars and mix-ups through effective communications.

Motivational Leadership – the ability to manage and lead others. Develop and lead through a clear vision – be able to engage others.

Strategic Leadership – the ability to see the entire “picture and vision for the future” and engage and lead people accordingly.

Tangible Take-A-Ways from the Academy Experience:

  • Learning to focus on High Payoff activities.
  • Writing SMART goals.
  • Ways to motivate and empower your team.
  • Self confidence to be a leader and apply the newly learned skills.
  • Improve communication through better listening skills and effective speaking.
  • Team interaction and learning from each other.
  • Creating accountable measurements for goals and outcomes.