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2016 Fall Conference

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2016 Fall Conference

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Strategic Air Command Museum
28210 West Park Avenue, Ashland, Nebraska

2:00pm-2:30pm —Registration, networking and getting situated, Theater entrance

2:30pm-5:15pm —Conference Program, Theater

—Optimizing Project Delivery--Prefabrication, Modularization and Kitting--Now and on the Horizon
Presenter: Guy Gast, The Waldinger Corporation, Iowa Division President and SMACNA President

With the future bringing more accelerated challenges of compressed schedules, tight pricing and workforce shortages, the construction industry will be forced to innovate full-speed ahead. “Business as usual” has already been proven not to work. Mechanical contractors have been on the forefront of looking at what’s next and trying what’s next to come up with solutions. This will take a look at the “now” and the “future” of meeting schedule obligations through prefabrication, modularization and kitting.

—How Apps, Sensors and Drones are Changing all the Rules of Construction
Presenter: Rob McKinney, Consultant with JBKnowledge

Dependency on mobile technology in the construction industry continues to grow. Do you “just deal with it as it comes” or do you “plan and manage it”? In this session you will learn how cutting edge mobile apps, sensors and other web-based solutions are being integrated for use in office and on jobsites. Drones are introducing contractors to data mobility, visualization and efficiency on the project and use will continue to grow rapidly. After a discussion on the main construction work flows affected by technology, the presenter will explore case studies of how innovative companies are applying mobile tech successfully, along with providing tools and a process to take back to your firm to use in developing the best mobile solution for your firm’s budget, experience and objectives.

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5:30pm-8:00pm —Evening Event, Atrium

—Bar Tickets hosted by Gene Lilly Surety Bonds, Lutz and Woods & Aitken LLP

—Welcome to explore the museum before 7:00pm

—Buffet Supper

—Dessert and Coffee

—Awards and Recognition

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