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2016 Fall Conference

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2016 Fall Conference

Strategic Air Command Museum

28210 West Park Avenue, Ashland, Nebraska


Who has time for a full-day conference; or even a half-day?? None of us, right! We are packing a quality program, networking, food and awards into a new location and time frame of 2:00-8:00pm. We have two great speakers:

“Optimizing Project Delivery-Prefabrication, Modularization and Kitting-Now and on the Horizon” presented by Guy Gast, The Waldinger Corporation President and SMACNA President.

“How Apps, Sensors and Drones Are Changing all the Rules of Construction--and How to Deal It” presented by Rob McKinney, Consultant with JBKnowledge.

Program Co-Sponsored by The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction

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