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Safety Management Team

Casey Lenners, Co-Leader, Sampson Construction Company, Inc, Lincoln, NE

Josh Weekly, Co-Leader, Cheever Construction, Lincoln, NE

Gary Burruss, Hampton Commercial Construction, Inc., Lincoln, NE

Don Davids, ABC Electric Company, Lincoln, NE

Josh Fricke, The Waldinger Corporation, Omaha, NE

Dennis McFadden, Paulsen, Inc., Cozad, NE

Chris Mischnick, Board Representative, Walter Mischnick Contractors & Builders Inc., Alliance, NE

Pat Ramaekers, Kiewit Building Group, Omaha, NE

Sheila O'Connor, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC, Lincoln, NE

Jean Petsch, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC, Lincoln, NE

To create a channel of membership involvement to identify and support program and services to meet the safety and health needs of the membership. Specifically, the team will develop and implement the chapter safety initiative.

The team is managed by the Safety Management Team and appointed by the Board of Directors.

Others may join the team on a voluntary basis, but ideally should provide equal representation of all members across the state. The Executive Director will be a standing member of the team. The team chair or an appointed team member will present the recommendations of the team to the Board on an as needed basis.

Functions, Timeline, and Responsibilities
The team will be responsible for the following:

  • Development, implementation, and updating of the Chapter's Safety Initiative.