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Membership Development Team

Ryan Cook, Co-Leader, Lutz, Lincoln, NE
Tom King, Co-Leader, Gene Lilly Surety Bonds, Lincoln, NE

Linette Butler, BD Construction Inc., Kearney, NE

Dustin Cooper, Harry A. Koch Co., Omaha, NE

Alan Gilmore, O'Keefe Elevator, Omaha, NE

Randy McDonald, General Excavating, Lincoln, NE

Debbie Ocken, Rogge General Contractors, Lincoln, NE

Zak Olsen, Ronco Construction, Omaha, NE

Shawn Wederquist, Lutz, Omaha, NE

Dan Zimmerman, The Waldinger Corporation, Omaha, NE

Sheila O'Connor, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC, Lincoln, NE, Ex-Officio

To create a channel of membership involvement to maximize membership growth and loyalty by maintaining a 95% annual retention rate of existing members and increasing new membership by 5 firms each year.

The leaders will be appointed by the President of the Chapter Board of Directors. They will be reappointed on an annual basis.

The membership of the team will be on a voluntary basis, but ideally should provide equal representation, by regions, for all members across the state. The chapter board will be involved as needed.

Functions, Timeline and Responsibilities

  • Create or update a Membership Development Plan (MDP).
  • Assist with the implementation of the MDP.
  • Provide input and recommendation regarding membership recommendations, recruitment and retention for Association.
  • Provide input and recommendations for member retention programs.