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Legislative Team

Roger Bullington, Chairman, Chief Construction, Grand Island, NE

Joe Beckenhauer, Beckenhauer Construction, Norfolk, NE

Chris Brester, Brester Construction, Lincoln, NE

Linette Butler, BD Construction Inc., Kearney, NE

Mark Duren, Lutz & Company, PC, Omaha, NE

Matt Graff, Board Representative, Sampson Construction, Lincoln, NE

Jeff Jezewski, Charles Vrana & Son Construction Co., Omaha, NE

Josh Render, Kiewit Building Group, Omaha, NE

Chad Westphalen, Waldinger Corporation, Omaha, NE

Jean Petsch, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC, Lincoln, NE, Ex-Officio

Advocating on behalf of members is one of the five goals of the association. The objective of the Legislative Committee is to assist in identifying concerns/issues/needs, set the priorities and provide the direction for the legislative agenda of the Chapter. In additions, committee members will monitor local issues/concerns to brig to AGC's agenda.

The membership of the committee will be on a voluntary basis, but ideally should provide equal representation for all members across the state.

Functions, Timeline and Responsibilities

  • Meet to determine the Legislative agenda for each session as soon as "bill introduction" is completed on the 10th day of the session.
  • Host some type of annual Legislative Forum or member/Senator event each session.
  • Participate in periodic conference calls as needed on bills throughout the session.
  • Provide industry perspective as needed by Executive Director for hearing testimony or meetings with Senators and Legislative Staff.
  • Proactively identify issues and develop strategy to initiate legislation based on industry need.
  • Assist in encouraging member involvement to support issues and encourage collaborative influence at the unicameral in all areas affecting the construction industry.
  • Support fundraising efforts for the state PAC (Nebraska Construction Industry PAC) and national PAC (AGC PAC).