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Workforce Development Team

Brian Clinton, Co-Leader, Cheever Construction, Lincoln, NE

Rick Wintermute, Co-Leader, Kingery Construction, Lincoln, NE

Holly Baete, Hausmann Construction, Lincoln, NE

Ellie Barko, InEight/Kiewit Building Group, Omaha, NE

Eric Boos, E & K of Omaha, Omaha, NE

Mike Fritzinger, AOI Corporation, Omaha, NE

John Gilmore, Jeff MacTaggart Masonry LLC, Omaha, NE

Sara Hansen, Turner Construction Company, Springfield, NE

Dave Jeffrey, Lacy Construction, Grand Island, NE

Austin Larson, BD Construction Inc., Kearney, NE

Jereme Montgomery, Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Lincoln, NE

Matt Ramm, Echelon Homes, Omaha, NE

Steve Thiele, Hausmann Construction, Norfolk, NE

Ben Vander Wert, MCL Construction, Omaha, NE

Chip Vrana, Board Representative, Charles Vrana and Son Construction, Omaha, NE

Jean Petsch, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC, Lincoln, NE

The Committee will provide leadership, support and implementation of the Chapter's future workforce development efforts and initiatives. More specifically this includes providing guidance and support for current and future AGC Student Chapters chartered by the Nebraska Building Chapter, supporting and implementing programs and efforts to strengthen our relationship with schools of construction, and work to improve the image and awareness of construction careers in the eyes of the students and parents.

The leaders will be appointed by the President of the Chapter Board of Directors. The membership of the team will be on a voluntary basis, but ideally should provide equal representation, by regions, for all members across the state. The Executive Director will be a standing member of the team.

Functions, Timeline and Responsibilities

  • The team will monitor the funding levels for the workforce development efforts on an annual basis and develop strategies as needed to achieve funding levels needed to reach team goals.
  • The team will recommend a budget for the workforce development effort to be approved by the board in its annual budgeting process.
  • Assist in the development and planning of Student Chapter and other workforce development events, seminars and activities.
  • Award Education Fund dollars to student chapters and other worthy related activities via an annual RFP basis.
  • Award Scholarships annually.
  • Provide mentoring and support to future industry professionals.